Review and Outlook 2022

I have just read last year’s review: 2020, the year of significant changes. In 2021 I hoped that things would calm down again and that we would be able to be there for you and all the other ear guests again full of enthusiasm. Well, at the end of 2021, things look a little different. But we continue and look into the future with confidence. And plans, oh, we already have enough. But let’s start with the formal review. Because although we – like every year – only had some projects, this year we did quite a lot

The Environment

One of our most significant projects – and we are very proud of that – is that we have been officially awarded the Austrian Ecolabel and European Ecolabel since autumn and completed the process. But that was just the beginning. Because of the intensive preoccupation with sustainability, the environment, and climate protection have also resulted in many new ideas for us, how we can continue to improve our business. You can stay curious.

The Ecolabel has also brought some visible changes, one of which is that we now have two new rubbish bins at Ferchergasse 19: one for glass and one for plastic/metal that you can fill. We take care of the disposal. We have also wholly switched our cleaning products to sustainable products from Werner & Mertz. Doesn’t mean anything to you now? Maybe you know the other brand they have; for consumers, it’s Frosch.

The House

We did a lot in the house in Ferchergasse. Because even a well-kept old Viennese house regularly needs comprehensive service. We had the biggest construction site for the new riser for electricity, for even more safety. It got really dirty and loud in the house from February, and the construction site season started. That means prying open everything from the ground floor to the top floor and laying new cables. You can certainly imagine what it looked like here at that time. After that, we repainted the whole house inside, something I had affectionately remarked on Christian for a long time, but that’s a different story. The canal in the house was also renovated, partly because the tree from the neighboring garden had decided to spread its roots over the years in parts of the canal. These are specific measures that are not visible at first glance but contribute to even more security here in the house and, consequently, more comfort during your stay.

The apartments

So, now to what probably interests you most, since you can experience it first hand. What has happened in the apartments? Again, there is a lot to report here.

Having air conditioning is very convenient for the summer months. We have now redone these in apartments 1 and 2. Apartment 1 has also got another utterly new device in the bedroom for even more sleep quality. The two new heating radiators in apartments R02 and H03 are pretty much the opposite of this – so that you can feel comfortable with us at any time of the year.

In apartment F21 / 18, there is a new washing machine, and in F21 / 7, we now have a new dishwasher and four new armchairs.

Apartments 1, 3, and 4 have new, easier-to-use switches for the electrically controlled windows.

Apartment 1 has a new refrigerator.

The outlook for 2022

I dare to take a preview. Because what we have learned usually turns out differently than we think, and the review will be much longer than we thought at the beginning of the year.

There are already a few fixed points. In this way, we will ensure even more security in the first few months and replace the power supply to the apartments here in Ferchergasse 19 – Apartments 1-9.

There will be new fire doors on the top floor and the ground floor for safety in the event of a fire. And the house as such gets a lightning protection system.

Apartments 4,7, and 8 are finally getting new floors. I will report.

Last but not least, the website is getting a new look. We are right in the middle of development, so that something will happen in the coming weeks.

These are our plans. We don’t know what else will bring in 2022. But that has always been the case. A couple of projects at the beginning of the year and then a lot more “spontaneously.” But what we know for sure: We will be there for you in 2022 and look forward to seeing you again.

With this in mind, Christian and I wish you an excellent start to the New Year and good health. We look ahead.