Around the accomodations – discover the neighborhood

To give you an idea of ​​your surroundings or if you’re looking for something during your stay, we’ve put together a handy Google Maps list of the most important facilities here in Pissouri.

The Beach

Experience the magic of Pissouri’s beach, awarded the Blue Flag for its outstanding water quality and cleanliness.

This peaceful pebble-sand beach offers a variety of water sports activities. Located right on the beach, you’ll find charming eateries where you can refuel with local specialties. For your comfort, loungers and umbrellas are available for rent. A convenient parking lot makes getting here easy, and the small outdoor gym invites you to take a break for some exercise.

Relax on a walk along the beach path and enjoy the pristine beauty of Pissouri.

Pissouri & Pissouri Bay

Pissouri presents itself in two parts:

Pissouri Bay is located directly on the beach, while the other part of the village is perched atop a hill.

The hilltop part of Pissouri encircles a picturesque village square, lined with inviting locales known for their hospitality and excellent cuisine. In the summer months, this square becomes the vibrant heart of the community with the famous Cyprus Night, enchanting both locals and visitors alike with traditional music, dance, and culinary delights. A walk through the hilltop village not only reveals the warm atmosphere of the village but also offers a breathtaking view over the expansive landscape, capturing the beauty of Cyprus in all its glory.

Culinary delights

In Pissouri, authentic ambiance and culinary delight meet. The eateries here are far from tourist traps; instead, you find places where the paths of locals and visitors cross, leading to a warm and welcoming atmosphere. We personally appreciate the diversity and quality of all the locales here and enjoy the wide range of culinary offerings. Therefore, even after many years of being here, it’s hard to say where it tastes best.

Right on the beach, you enjoy your meal with a view of the sea, while the eateries on the hill offer magnificent views of the countryside. Not to forget are the cozy inns at the village square.

No matter where you go to eat in Pissouri, the combination of hospitality and delicate dishes ensures an unforgettable experience.


Right in Pissouri Bay, close to the beach, you’ll find Joannas Supermarket with a selection of goods for daily needs and holiday souvenirs. For more extensive shopping, the large Papantoniou supermarket on the main road is ready, leaving no wish unfulfilled with its variety of products.

Somewhat hidden is the local winemaker, who concocts excellent wines from his own cultivation. These delicious drops reflect the richness and quality of the Cypriot wine tradition and provide a perfect complement to any meal or occasion.

Not to be forgotten is Oksana Foutas, where you can get dreamy fruits and vegetables from her own organic cultivation. At Oksana’s, you’ll also find many homemade products like jams, pickles, or wonderfully refreshing drinks.

Around Pissouri

Explore Pissouri’s surroundings and discover Cyprus’s treasures, just a short trip away. The larger cities of Pafos and Limassol offer you a lively atmosphere, historical landmarks, and excellent shopping opportunities. On the way to Pafos, you will also find the legendary Aphrodite Rock.

If you’re looking for even more tranquility, Avdimou Beach is your perfect destination. Here, you’ll find a peaceful retreat to enjoy the sun and sea to the fullest. And if hunger strikes, there’s also a nice eatery right on the beach. Speaking of culinary delights, for a dining break right by the sea, Melanda Beach Restaurant is recommended, where you can enjoy fresh fish and local specialties with an unparalleled view of the azure water.

And this is just a small selection. Pissouri’s surroundings reveal Cyprus’s diverse beauty, from vibrant city culture to hidden natural paradises.