Getting there

Plane or ship – no matter how you arrive, we will help you find the quickest and easiest way. We have already compiled some information about your arrival for you.

By Plane

Cyprus has two airports, Paphos and Larnaca. Paphos is just about 20 minutes away, while Larnaca is around 1.5 hours away. You will need a car to get to Pissouri from both airports, as public transport is scarce.

We recommend Tarantos Car Rentals for both transfers and car rentals. They have their office just a few meters from the apartments.

By ship

Since Cyprus is an island, there is also the possibility to arrive by ship. Let us know where you will be arriving, and we will help you find the easiest way to your accommodation.

Before Check-In

Guest Directory

Before your arrival, we will send you all relevant information as well as the guest directory. We ask you to fill out this information.

Pissouri & surroundings

So that you can get a bit of an impression of your surroundings before you arrive, we have put together a practical Google Maps list of the most important facilities here in Pissouri. This list is also very helpful if you want something to do during your stay.