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Our year 2023 and plans for 2024

Unser Jahr 2023 - Pläne 2024

Our year 2023

The year 2023 is almost over again, so it is time for the annual review again. And, of course, we’ll tell you the plans we have for 2024.

Then, let’s look back to 2023.

The apartments R02, R26, and H03 have been completely renovated. The floor now shines like new again after it has been sanded. The old beds were disposed of and replaced with new ones. You can now flexibly choose between single beds or a […]

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Vienna has boats, ships & more…

Summertime and water belong together in a way. Now Vienna (unfortunately) still is far from the sea, but that is no reason not to offer lots of exciting activities around the water.

How about boating?

So in today’s blog, it is all about boating; yes, you read correctly because Vienna’s an excellent offer combining several things. But first things first.

As you know, Vienna is settled around the River Danube, and a “side arm” of it, the Danube Canal, flows through the city center. So […]

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Attention fish is crossing!

Vienna as a marine biology research center… Yes, this was a real plan.

How it all began …

Now maybe you are thinking that this is a contradiction in terms since Vienna and the sea do not fit together. So, you combine an old, anit-aircraft tower (built 1942-1945) with marine biological research to establish Vienna as the center for this topic. Yet a brilliant fixture in Vienna emerged from these two ingredients, the House of the Sea in the sixth district.

After the end of […]

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Four ideas for a spring walk nearby


Spring is coming slowly to Vienna, so I have a few tips for you today for a lovely spring walk around the apartments.

Slowly nature awakens from its winter sleep: the first flowers begin to bloom, the sun’s rays are making their way, and who remembers the cold times?

So what is better these days than enjoying the first days of spring and going for a nice walk? Right away from the apartments, you have a fine selection of options.

Enjoy the springtime in Vienna.

If […]

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Review and many plans for 2023

Rückblick und Vorschau 2022 Rückblick und Vorschau 2022

The Review 2022

Somehow December went by faster than expected. As soon as the last month of the year began, Christmas was already here, and now the New Year is approaching with significant, fast steps. So it’s time to look back at what has happened in the apartments this year and look ahead to next year because many new things are waiting for you and us.

But first things first. When I asked Christian to give me […]

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Grocery shopping – sustainable & regional in the area

A long conversation with Michael Bauer-Leeb from  Weitsicht – Büro für zukunftsfähige Wirtschaft about sustainability inspired me to put together a good overview of where you can get regional, organic, and sustainable food in the immediate vicinity because there are a few options where you will find it.

The little specialists

Three smaller shops are well distributed over Hernals, so you are supplied with fine things no matter where you are.

Just around the corner from our apartments, on Hernalser Hauptstrasse, next […]

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