Appartements Ferchergasse Innenhof

Yes, we are more on the outskirts, not directly in the center of the city and its hotspots. But this area has charme and many advantages, because it perfectly combines living in the outer parts of the city and yet close to the center. Whereby, the center in Vienna is relative anyway, because in Vienna you will find exciting, impressive, historical, cultural, … places all over the city.

Program for all days

Sunshine, rain, clouds or a bright blue sky. There is a program for every weather in Vienna. Hike, enjoy the forest, look into the distance or prefer museums, culture, sightseeing. Everything is possible in Vienna, you can choose anew every day. Vienna Tourist Board has compiled an infinite amount of information for you on its website and Christian and I also have countless tips and ideas for you. Just ask. Or get inspiration in advance on our website.

With the 43, the tram, you are in 15 minutes directly in the old town. Ringstrasse, Rathausplatz, museums, all just a short drive away.

Into the green

And in the other direction? The 43 takes you directly into the green. 10 minutes and you are in the Wienerwald (Vienna Woods). Get out and hike, so comfortable, so easy. If you then take the Stadtwanderweg 3, then you will come out exactly where you started after a 3-4 hour hike.

Do you want to walk along the Danube? Feel the fresh lust for water when there is a light breeze? Then take the S45, the express train, and again in 10 minutes you are directly on the Danube Island. And then you can lose yourself in the vastness of the island.

Want to go for a walk in the green or in the wood? So there is the Wilhelminenberg with its fantastic view over Vienna and from the terrace of the Wilhelminenberg Palace you can enjoy it particularly stylishly, because there is also a cozy coffee house and restaurant. It continues in Schwarzenbergpark, Pötzleinsdorfer Schlosspark, the Steinhofgrund, everywhere you can take a leisurely stroll, as many paths are paved and therefore no special footwear is necessary. If you are even more keen on hiking, check out the Vienna city hiking trails.

In the neighborhood

A lot of fresh air is known to make you hungry, as practical as the fact that there are numerous places to stop for refreshments and cozy restaurants. Manameierei, Allebeisl, Klee am Hanslteich, Steirerstöckl – just to name a few. Your physical well-being is also taken care for directly around the apartments. From traditional Viennese cuisine to a trip to Greece, you only have to choose.

In the evening, then after an eventful day in Vienna, full of new impressions and experiences, you can end the day relaxed with in our cozy courtyard. Let your mind wander, review what you have experienced and maybe already make one or two plans for the day ahead. Or just let yourself go spontaneously into the city and see what surprises you today.